Dennae Tirrell

Who are you and what did you do?

My name is Dennae Tirrell and I am the owner/designer of Cannelita Jewelry.

What does your typical day look like?

A work day usually starts with sanding any pieces that I inlayed the day before – I usually Inlay 10-40 pieces at once. Next I’ll carve out new pieces. I’ll take a break late afternoon, shower and Take the pup on a hike… try to fit in a yoga class and cook dinner. I’ll assemble pieces and inlay after dinner for an hour or two in the evening.

How is your workspace setup?

It’s been quite a different space over the course of the past five years. In the past I have used garages, front yards, back yards, wood shops, metalsmithing shops…wherever I could find. The past year I have been working solely out of my ford transit 250 van.

Dennae Tirrell Workspace

What hardware do you use to make your content?

Most of my pieces are made from naturally shed antlers found in the Paradise Valley, Montana. Inlays are done with hand crushed Arizona Turquoise.

What software?

Big Cartel is the online platform I use. Instagram has been huge in my online marketing. I haven’t dived into using Facebook yet. When I sell in person at a craft fair or market I use Square.

Where can people find you online?