Annie Bailey

Who are you and what did you do?

I am Annie Bailey, and I photograph and film rural areas of the Rocky Mountain region.

How is your workspace set up?

I have areas set up according to what I need done, one area for printing, one for packaging orders, and my computer station for editing and processing. I surround myself with things I love, like old wooden crates I’ve found at estate sales, my favorite drawing pens, and notebooks I keep for different ideas and locations to shoot.

Annie Bailey Workspace

What does your typical day look like?

I’m usually awake by 7 am. I like to check my emails, and make a to-do list according priority. It helps me feel less anxious about the day ahead. By 8 am, I am at the computer, organizing files and then I edit one new photograph, or finish editing one from the day before. Then at 10 am I go for a walk or work out. I like to tackle easy things in the afternoon when energy is low, so I work on website updates, replying to emails, or mailing orders.

What hardware do you use to make your content?

I am a big Mac fan, so everything I use is Apple. I use an iMac for my main editing, and take a 2019 MacBook pro with me on trips to edit and upload. I use a DJI Phantom Pro for filming and love to take aerial shots. It gives a new perspective to something I’ve seen many times. For photography, I use a Nikon D850.

What software?

For photography editing, I use a combination of Photoshop and Lightroom. For film editing, I use Adobe Premier.

Where can people find you online?

Instagram: @anniebaileyphotography

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