Matthew Bucheit

Who are you and what did you do?

I’m Matthew Bucheit and I own and operate Honest Aux DJ and Video. I make a living as a video producer and as the resident DJ at The Bodega Bar in Missoula, MT. In addition, I helped build the MT Sno snow-cone hut over the last 5 years or so and help operate that business during the hot summer months. I fill in any blanks with a variety of oddball side gigs usually calling for graphic design or organizational skills.

How is your workspace set up?

My sound setup for live DJing consists of two 18 inch subs and two 15 inch woofers. I mix music with a laptop and a DJ table.

It’s hard to describe my workspace for my other gigs because my environment is always changing based on where I need to be that day or what kind of “comfort zone” the work requires. It could be my kitchen table, a coffee shop, a friend’s house or an office but unfortunately a lot of work ends up being done on my phone in traffic… At red lights of course!

Matthew Bucheit workspace

What does your typical day look like?

A typical day for me starts with a big healthy breakfast and a trip to the gym. Just recently, as I was writing this, I was asked to be ready for a short notice shoot from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. I have to keep a balance of flexibility and structure to be able to quickly fit things in. On my way around town I’ll be listening to music non-stop with a few different audiences in mind, listing songs I need to get in a note on my phone. After my shoot today I’m planning on giving myself a short break before I use that song list to download this week’s music. I answer texts, calls, voicemails, and emails as I have time. This crazy workflow is different on wedding days, big video shoots, or my weekly performance at the Bodega Bar. I let those types of gigs rule the whole day to insure I’m in the right mindset to perform well.

What hardware do you use to make your content?

I use my Asus laptop for everything. I ultimately chose this laptop for its 4K screen and it’s audio capabilities. I needed an all in one laptop to cover everything from music production to graphic design and it has never let me down. My DJ table is a Pioneer DDJ-SX2 which is a popular model often used by mobile DJs.

What software?

I use Serato for live DJing, Adobe Illustrator for graphic design, Adobe Premiere for video production, and Ableton Live 10 Standard for any audio needs

Where can people find you online?

You can find the Honest Aux business page on Facebook where I post updates and list my contact information for any inquiries!

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